Once our paving crew arrives on the jobsite, your new pavement will be professionally installed in a matter of hours, depending on the size of your project. Every effort will be made during the paving process to avoid puddles in your new pavement; however, some small ones may be unavoidable depending on the natural slop and drainage of your paving site. Our crews will leave the work area clean and with barricades or caution tape placed around newly paved areas. The freshly laid asphalt will not be acceptable for foot traffic within 4 hours after its completion, but should not have automobile traffic for at least 2 full days.

Extensions and patchwork are normally completed the same day depending on the volume of square footage needed for the project. We have special crews for extensions and patchwork, since this work is very specialized and requires skilled tradesman to artfully blend into the surrounding pavement and maintain pitch for proper water flow.